TUESDAY August 30,  AT 7:00 PM

Any 2-3 minute monologue 
Best performance wins $100
No entrance fee just register and attend class


We are a family of actors, filmmakers and writers all committed to making great movies and owning the profits from those movies. Everyone does what ever is needed but all costs are paid by the Actor Film Ensemble, Inc,,  a Nevada nonprofit corporation.  We train you to make sure we have all the staff we need and we make sure that every actor that is a member gets as many professional acting and/or filmmaking opportunities as possible. All members vote on most things and no one is afraid to work hard.


We write our films for our actors and make sure that the roles work for them.  Actors have input in the creation of the roles and the selection of the scripts before a single contract is signed.


We only use professional equipment and we make sure that every film is professionally edited, scored, and has a full marketing plan approved by the membership.  We send our films to festival, submit for IMDB listings,


You must have the time, desire, and commitment to make great movies.  You must understand that this is a team effort and participate where needed.  You must be willing to wait for the profits to be generated behind a pay gate, subscription service, on demand, or theatrical contract.


We all love the acting and filmmaking industry and are committed to making or finding the time to shoot our films.  We are not hobbyists just looking to play around and we understand that  hard work is required not just waiting to get discovered.

Why our programs are free


The simple fact is that we are funded by AFE a Nevada nonprofit corporation. There goal is to increase the professional image of acting and filmmaking here in Las Vegas. We make movies that a large majority of audience members will love. We don’t make movies filled with ideology or political persuasion events. We are open to any actor or filmmaker regardless of their experience level as long as they share our desire to make great movies that further our careers and skill sets.  In exchange for this our cast and crew split 70% of all gross profits in perpetuity based on time-on-set for any film they are in or work on.

We also don’t waste our grants on things that look good but accomplish very little. Our classes are held at our producer’s home. There is a well equipped dedicated room for this and the classes offer more than any program we are aware of in Las Vegas. Our coach who has owned many theatres around the world and been involved in producing many films over his 33 years in the industry volunteers his time. He is not shy in telling us that the best thing actors in our program have going for them is that the coach does not need or want your money. Which means he does not have to join the ranks of those who have to be careful what they say to the actor in order to get the actor’s check. He tells it like it is and is only interested in the actors skill sets improving.

If you are committed, understand that being on time, keeping all your commitments with scene partners, working constantly to improve, and you love the craft, then we will work very hard to help you succeed in the industry. Having time means being available every Tuesday from 7 PM to 10 PM to train and Saturdays and Sundays to shoot when cast.

Free means paying with your heart, your time, and your commitment.

Join As An Actor


Daniel Organista
Winner of Monthly Monologue Contest

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If you become a member of the CFA you have free access to our weekly actor training program. Membership in the CFA is free and it means you will have scripts written for you and you will be cast. Simply register below to attend on any Tuesday night at 7:00 PM.

All actors must also be available to help as crew on any movie that may need their help. We provide any necessary training for actors helping as crew. We shoot most of the time on Saturday and Sundays and shoot feature films that will be sent to festival, get IMDB listings, and have a full marketing program. Cast and crew split 70% of all profits made by any film they are involved with based on time-on-set.

Become a Filmmaker

Join our film team

Important:  Potential filmmakers who do not keep their scheduled interview and do not cancel are kept in the database and will not be given another chance.  If you must cancel after you schedule you can click the link below and cancel.

Click here to cancel

We are looking for serious people who are or want to be filmmakers.  there is no experience required as we train in-house and on the set.  If you are experienced and you join our program then you help us train.  No one is so experienced that they can not learn from any team.  The filmmakers and actors share 70% of all profits on any film they work on based on time-on-set.  There is no position you can not learn and no position you can not hold on the set.

  • All members vote on the films we do with some limitations
  • All members can submit scripts to be considered
  • We shoot on Saturdays and Sundays so you must have these days available
  • We shoot in Las Vegas but it is nearly impossible to get to all sets without a car
  • Directors must have a computer PC or Apple.
  • You must live in Las Vegas
  • You must be able and willing to respond to any communications within 24 hours or sooner if requested
  • You will be assigned to a movie set almost

We are currently interviewing potential members on the set of one of our films.  This is done on Saturday mornings at 10 AM. Below you can schedule a meeting with a director of the CFA. We consider anyone over 18 that lives in Las Vegas and is serious about making movies and owning your share of the profits. We train and provide everything thing you need to make the movie or be a team member that makes the movie. You will never pay for anything.


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