The Regenerates

Written by

Ryan O’Harris

I suppose you are all wondering how you ended up in this warehouse in the middle of the night.  I apologize to those of you that were not properly dressed but time was of some urgency.  I know just appearing here and not remembering how it happened is a little disconcerting.  None of you have ever met me before.  In fact no one on this planet has ever seen me.  You probably will not believe what I am about to tell you but soon you will start to realize that, in fact, you have no choice but to accept what is about to happen to you, your family, friends, neighbors, all of you.  That’s right. Every human on this planet is about to change in a way you never would have believed.  I know I look human, and so there is no reason at the moment for you to think that I am, anything besides an insane human being who has somehow kidnapped all of you.  I am however going to insist that you all give me a few moments to explain.  You see I am what would best be described in your language as a founder.  Some of you over the centuries in order to explain certain phenomena have even called us Gods.  I assure you we are not Gods.  We are, however, a species dedicated to exploration and the founding of new worlds.  For millennia we have implanted simple viral forms of microbial organisms on otherwise barren planets and watched as life evolved.  Your people are the first creatures that in millions of years ever evolved to be self-aware.  As your evolution moved forward, we realized that you were going to become a threat to life itself and may even some day venture onto other planets.  We have watched as you became not only self-aware but self-destructive.  Hatred, anger, violence, is now permeating your very existence.  We feel responsible for the terror you are all about to unleash on each other, so we have come to change that reality.  You have all been injected prior to arriving here tonight with a virus that will connect itself to your DNA and will change how you behave.  If you attempt to be violent, your DNA will turn on itself and your body will start to decay.  Doctors will tell you that you are suffering from a new form of cancer.  We believe that the people on your world will have less than two  years to change or perish.  Soon you will wake up in your homes.  You will remember what I have said, but most of you will assume that it was a nightmare.  As this cancer spreads, you will realize that this meeting happened.  You are now charged with the obligation to save humanity.  You are what will be known as the “Regenerates”.


Black out.



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