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Feature Film
Shoots on Saturdays and Sundays
Funded by Actor Film Ensemble, Inc. a Nevada nonprofit corporation

Female 18-30 years old

  • Any race
  • Profit sharing production
  • Cast and crew own 100% of all profits – based on time-on-set
  • Copy & Credit
  • Will start principal photography in late January, or early February 2022

Movie Summary

Dr. Leland was at one time a renowned neuroscientist and respected professor at Yale University.  For more than three decades he studied and authored papers on the subject of  the out-of-body experience.  This all came crashing down when he published a theory that there really was a “soul” and that it was an unexplainable but intricate part of the human process.  He theorized that throughout history some people lived through the out-of-body experience with that which we call the soul never returning to the body, but the body did not die.  His published study theorized that the remaining body no longer had a moral or productive compass and was left to reek havoc on the world.   His postulation concluded that many if not all of the evil people throughout world history were, in fact, the product of these unexplainable occurrences.   He was attacked by the scientific community and his university colleagues until he was driven out of the university and into relative seclusion where he was seldom seen outside the confines of his home.  When a young person knocks on his door distraught and frightened by the change in the behavior of a family member following a near-death experience, this person’s  life changes forever.  This is the beginning of the series “ Shadow.”

“Angie” character summary

She is confident, unique, strong, and lots of fun. She has a wild and zany side to her.  She is a ride share driver who ends up in the middle of this story when she picks up a witness and friend of a woman she believes died and  was revived only to become a freighting person.  The film is anticipated to receive a “PG 13” rating from the MPA, formerly MPAA.  Must be physically capable of staged fight scene.

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