Become a “Filmmaker”

How are our films cast and written?

All scripts are written for the actor starting with a  very flexible treatment.  We do not write a script then go looking for an actor that fits the role.  We find the actors, know what they are good at, then write the script around a previously created treatment.  This way the actors have some say in the roles they play and the directors have the cast that they are confident can handle the role.

Casting is only final after the actor approves the role from the written script and signs a production contract which includes the anticipated shoot schedule.  We shoot 2 days a week, mostly in Las Vegas, and most features take 5-7 weekends.  Average lead roles require the actor to be on set 13-18 shoot days.

How do our filmmakers get paid?

Most of our films are contract protected profit sharing productions based on time-on-set.  All cast and crew split 100% of all profits ever earned on any production they are involved with.  The Actor Film Ensemble, a nonprofit corporation dedicated to helping filmmakers enter the industry funds and works very hard to make sure no opportunity for marketing our films is overlooked and all filmmakers and actors are kept in the loop in terms of marketing.  A feature film can take 9 -14 months to be ready for festival submission and then a detailed marketing plan is put in place.

How are our films made?

We use professional cameras and lighting equipment, grip gear etc.  Our editor makes sure that every film is edited in a manner that is professional and assures it can be viewed in any distribution format for all venues from streaming to theater distribution.  Scoring, titling, ADR, and Foley are all done professionally.

We want our filmmakers to consider themselves part of our family.

Who trains our filmmakers?

Our filmmakers are trained from the ground up by experienced personnel in all areas of filmmaking.  Filmmakers train on set and in-house on Saturdays and Sundays.  Initial training takes place on location prior to the shoot.  Most filmmakers are working on a set within 10 days of joining our program. Click the link below to register to join our free program and get your filmmaking career started.

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