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Congratulations to Cast and Crew for wrapping “Dead On A Dime”

“Dead On A Dime” wrapped August 14, 2022


Actors Build Your Own Movie
Keep The Profits Pay For Nothing

Join the Thursday night “Build Your Own Movie” program

7 PM to 10 PM

  • We shoot a short film 4 hours, 1 day a week, for three weeks.
  • Great way to enhance your resume
  • Get festival submission
  • Get IMDB listing
  • Full marketing program
  • Footage for your reel
  • You own all profits in perpetuity
  • You pay nothing

We provide the main crew the acting program does the rest.  Crew positions are trained and earn profits from the profit sharing film.  Director and DP come from the CFA film program everyone else is an actor.


“Surrender to Yourself”
Introduction to step five in the
“Surrender System”

Free workshop – Tuesday, September 13 at 7:00 PM 

The CFA teaches a 5 point acting system called the “Surrender System”.  The most complicated, and for actors dangerous point is “Surrendering To Yourself”.  Actors instinctively do this and it almost always causes really bad performances.  We will introduce you to perhaps the most powerful tool in your acting kit when you learn to use it correctly and sparingly.

  • Social Activities coordinators Shelby and Vernice .  Please arrange for a social event inSeptember
  • Recorded performance  has been added so you don’t have to miss the opportunity to perform.  If you miss a class for any reason  you owe the group a monologue or scene for that class.  You can recorded it and give it to Ryan to be played in class or if there is time you can perform two times in class.
  • Make videos for our website to promote the group.  We will be shooting videos to promote the group and go on our website as well as social media.  Scripts will be handed out for this on Tuesday.
  • Complete your availability all actors and filmmakers must complete their availability for the 5 films we have scheduled for the 4th quarter 2022.  You can not be cast unless this is completed.  Click the link below to complete the form.

Meetup logo vector - Logo Meetup download

All actors should go to and click the “Attend” button then register on “Meetup”.  It will help the program if you put a comment in about the program so people know it is a good program.

Headshots are now being scheduled for those members that have attended at least 4 consecutive classes and performed in the monologue contest.  Just go to the “Members Only” section.

CASTING we will be casting this Saturday for many films.  You can not be cast if your availability form has not been completed.  If you do not have time to shoot films  you also will be removed from the acting program as this was a requirement to join the acting program.

The free acting program only survives if the actors want it to.  If you are not interested in helping the team or you are too busy then you may want to rethink if we are right for you.  Being cast and creating a career requires you to be an asset.  You must be an asset to the class, the team, the film, etc.

“Doing nothing is very hard to do… you never know when you’re finished.”

                                                                                            Leslie William Nielsen



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