Filmmaker Short Film Program

The filmmaker 212 Productions program gives new filmmakers the opportunity to direct and manage a film production from start to finish.  Only actors in the Coach To Camera program will be paid.  If you cast others they share any profits with cast and crew based on time-on-set but do not get the $100 per day.

  • Write or get a member to write a short film for you.
  • 6-8 pages long
  • Limited to two actors, one location, and two shoot days 8-10 hours long
  • Find your location and check that sound is okay, power is okay, you have bathrooms, etc.
  • Any Genre as long as it is written for a wide and diverse audience and anticipated to receive a G, PG, PG13, or R rating from the MPA (formerly MPAA)
  • No musicals, documentaries, political, or religious based films, and no reality TV as it destroys careers for real actors
  • Get script approved by AFE Producer or person appointed to approve script
  • Arrange for a crew from the AFE or actor/filmmakers in the Coach to Camera program
  • You will need all the following
  • Director (you), DP, 1st AC, Boom, Script supervisor, Grip/Gaffer
  • Training will be provided for new crew
  • Breakdown your script and create, storyboards, shot lists, Elements list, Etc.
  • Cast your film
  • Hold scheduling meeting and schedule your film with all crew and cast (this can be done via Zoom if necessary).  You should not cast an actor or add a filmmaker if they can not crew or act on the two days you want to.
  • All days are available if no one else is shooting then.  AFE features have priority on all  Saturdays and Sundays.
  • You will have access to all the equipment you need to shoot your film.
  • Wardrobe and props will be provided but limited

Films will be awarded on a first come first serve bases.  When a film is ready and  has all locations, cast, crew, then you will be allowed to schedule.

Click the link below to register to get in line to shoot.

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