Requirements to join

To become a member of the Acting Free program actors must meet the coaches standards based on what he calls the “TBs”.  This includes time, tenacity, talent, tools, business skills, and branding.  They are described below:

The most significant challenge directors, coaches, and others face in this industry is that actors today do not have the time necessary to either become an actor and do all the training, auditioning, and other preparation required, or can not keep a shoot schedule because of personal conflicts.


Tenacity is the actors ability to push forward in his/her career regardless of obstacles, anticipated or unanticipated.  This is a key indicator of the actors likelihood of succeeding in the industry.   Things like family visiting, poor health, lack of transportation, too many other commitments, etc. will almost certainly destroy the dreams of many actors.  Actors who attempt multiple careers at one time will not be brought into the program.  Make money to support your career but do not position one career against an acting career.


It should go without saying that “talent” is required.  Knowing what talent is can not be determined by the actor.  The only  true measure comes from the audience, coach, director, etc.  If you think you are talented you will still have to prove it to those who actually make that determination and cast you.  If you are not training, you are not talented as you don’t realize the importance of training which is, in itself part of talent. 


Tools are necessary but not complicted to acquire.  We provide most of them for free so joining our program does not mean you have to have all the tools right away but it must happen within a reasonable time determined by the coach.  These tools include:

  • Headshot
  • Resume
  • Demo reel
  • Business cards
  • One Sheets for upcoming films or other performances
  • Film copy (actual completed films)

Business Skills

Basic common sense is neither basic or common.  Knowing how to network, submit, audition, knowing when, if, and how to join SAG-AFTRA and many other skills are mandatory.  We will teach these to you but it should not be delayed.


Branding is often ignored or misunderstood.  Simply put branding is what about you puts butts in the seats.  You can guide it, push it a little, and try to make it fit your dreams but ultimately branding is given to you by casting decision makers, your coach, and the audience.  Rejecting their efforts is the same as rejecting your career in acting.


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