Hidden Side Players short films

The best chance of getting cast in Las Vegas in a professional film starts here.


In the corners of your mind there lies terrible secrets and thoughts, unbound mysteries, and unexplainable visions, even hilarious situations .  In most people’s minds, they never leave that domain.   But in our world they are brought to life on film.  Become a member of the “Hidden Side Players” and get cast in these films that will help an  audience escape their own inner thoughts.

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Our films are fully funded by the Actor Film Ensemble, Inc., a Nevada nonprofit corporation helping actors and filmmakers in Las Vegas.  This is a new program, so we hope to give many actors and filmmakers opportunities that simply do not normally exist here in town. We shoot professional  films.  These can be  feature and short film series.  Films will be sent to festival and submitted for IMDB listings as well as have a full professional marketing plan behind them.  Actors and crew split 70% of all gross profits based on time on set.

Casting is done by several Alliance Film Team directors and many production companies that are part of the Alliance.  All you have to do is get approved by the director team, and then all directors are required to cast from the actors in the program, and the writers are required to write for those actors.  Your only commitment is to the role, film, and schedule you are cast in.

Our films are shot on Saturdays and Sundays only.   So don’t wait for that role that never seems to show up or the audition that you never seem to get.  Take control and become part of what will be the most productive film creation process not only in the city but anywhere.  Send us your 2-3 minute audition video in the form below:


  • Professionally shot with professional crew, equipment, etc. 
  • Scoring, Foley, Titles etc. are added professionally 
  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Copy and credit provided
  • 70% of profits split between actors and crew
  • Never a fee for anything
  • All films are anticipated to receive a G, PG, PG13 or R rating from the MPA (formerly MPAA)
  • If you are not a member of the “Coach To Camera” program, audition is required.


Just film a 2-3 minute monologue of your choice and post it on youtube.com (no fee), then complete the form below and send us the public or unlisted link (no password), and we will submit it to the directors.  You will be notified of their decision within 72 hours.   Please do not send clips from films or TV.  Only send monologues as it makes it easier for the directors to see your talent.  When you have your audition piece ready and have the link, simply come back to this page and submit to become a member.  Once you are accepted you will be considered by all our directors for all our films .

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