Short Films Casting

We shoot short films in this program every week.  Every actor is paid $100 for the short film.

  • Submitted to film festivals
  • Submitted for IMDB listings
  • Build the footage and resume you need
  • Full streaming marketing plan developed for all quality films
  • Fully funded by the Nevada nonprofit corporation the “AFE”
  • This is a constant process building many films to fill out your resume
  • We shoot 4 hours at a time during the week and every other week you train and rehearse for the shoot
  • Additional free actor training also available on Tuesday nights from 7 PM to 10 PM (when referred by our acting coach)
  • Opportunity to join the CFA (Creative Film Alliance) and get cast in feature films that shoot on Saturdays and Sundays only. You will own your share of the profits based on time-on-set
  • All films shot with professional equipment, scoring, Foley, film titles design, etc.
  • Shot around actors schedule during the week

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