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Members and nonmembers may submit scripts for possible production using the form at the bottom of this page.

Writers get your screen play produced

We are a collective of actors, filmmakers, and writers creating films here in Las Vegas.  Our films are funded by the Actor Film Ensemble, Inc., a Nevada nonprofit corporation helping the film industry grow in Las Vegas.  We are now accepting scripts  for possible production.  You must start with short films but once the directors are comfortable with your writing skills you can also write features.

  • 7-10 pages
  • 3 actors – must be written for our actors
  • One location
  • Low budget
  • Anticipated to receive a G, PG, PG13 or R rating from the MPA (formerly MPAA)
  • All Actors, Filmmakers, and writers share in 70 % of all profits on any film they write or participate in. Writers receive an equal share to the highest paid filmmaker or actor in the film.
  • Writers retain rights to future sequels, prequels etc.
  • Will be submitted to festivals
  • Will be submitted for IMDB listing
  • Copy and credit provided
  • Scripts must be provided in industry standard “Final Draft” fdx format, Movie Magic Screenwriter (sex File), Celtx (Fountain File) or properly formatted PDF file.
  • Watch actors scene study films so you can write for them click here to see actors performances:
  • Attend monthly monologue contest to meet and watch the actors perform

Scripts accepted from anywhere but all are produced in Las Vegas by contract with the AFE.


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