Mic Tone 11-30-2021

Mic Tone – 11-9-2021

Coach Review

Nice performance but a little forced. Facial expressions were interesting but it makes me wonder how much you were thinking about the image the audience would see and how much you were actually living in the moment. In terms of being in the top 15% as we all want to be at any audition, I would say this monologue was probably a point or two below but something that could still get you cast.

  1. Surrender to the other actor 1-10: 7
  2. Surrender to the creative environment: 1-10: 8
  3. Surrender to the Audience 1-10: 9
  4. Surrender to the project 1-10: 8
  5. Surrender to yourself 1-10: 5 (this was a challenge, talk to me in class about it)
  6. Total Score: 37
  7. Average Score 7.4

Score Definitions

  • 1-3: Novice not ready for casting
  • 4-5: Facing your fears and should grow fast
  • 5-6: Chance of being cast but still need work
  • 7: Can be cast but not yet in the top 15 percent
  • 8-10 In the top 15 percent and should be auditioning as much as possible

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